Introduction & Background

Boucher & Muir Pty Ltd (BNM) was incorporated in 1957. From 1957 to 1964, BNM was intimately involved in the supply of pharmaceuticals and hospital products to the Commonwealth and various state governments in Australia.

During this period, BNM held substantial contracts for the supply of pharmaceuticals against government tenders. In 1964, the first major opportunity arose to supply pharmaceuticals to the Department of Health in Papua New Guinea. Following this initial success, BNM slowly began to grow its export market by introducing new high quality cost-effective suppliers and establishing supply routes to cover a host of Pacific nation governments including Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Kiribati and East Timor. Today, the Boucher & Muir name has inherited significant brand equity in the Pacific Islands, being synonymous with high quality and reliability.

The pursuit of growth has seen BNM reinvent itself as an important player in the Australian and NZ pharmaceutical player in the Australian and NZ pharmaceutical industry. A few  early registrations were obtained with PrimacinR, imipramine tablets and tetracycline eye ointment followed by distribution opportunities in 2005 in Australia and NZ. Since then, BNM has developed a portfolio of products to meet the healthcare needs of these markets. These have been launched successfully under the BNM Group brand. The rapidly changing pharmaceutical market landscape continues to deliver growth opportunities which are being strategically used to develop our growing portfolio.

On the 31st July 2015, BNM was acquired by AMCo. AMCo and BNM had been working together for over ten years, with BNM being one of AMCo's main distributors for medicines in the region.

On 21st October 2015, BNM came under the ownership of the Canadian healthcare business Concodia through their acquisition of AMCo. Concordia is a diverse healthcare company focused on legacy pharmaceutical products and orphan durgs. It is publicly listed on the TSX/Nasdaq stock exchanges and is headquartered in Oakville, Toronto, Canada. The acquisition creates a leading, international pharmaceutical company, with products available in over 100 countries and operations in many of the major pharmaceutical markets in the world.

BNM continues to espouse strong family values in its daily operations. These values form the backbone of the company's mission to protect the health of families through the provision of quality medicines and products.